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The Everlasting Roses

Roses’: a gift that has always done justice to every special occasion ever; a symbol of beauty, love and remembrance. What if you could make each of these moments literally everlasting?

We, at Everlasting Roses, offer you just that, with our 24K Gold dipped roses, 18K Rose Gold roses, .999 Silver dipped roses, and Platinum dipped roses.

A hundred percent natural rose; grown in-house by our team of expert floriculturists; picked at the most youthful stage of its bloom; and dipped in a metal as precious as the rose itself; preserving in time, not just its beauty, but the memories that go along.

Our dipped roses are your answer, whether you are looking for romantic gift ideas; unique Valentine’s gift; anniversary gift or birthday gift for a beloved; or a gift just because. As they happen to be just as decorative as they are commemorative; and make any display look just perfect!

Our rigorous quality-testing process promises you only the most perfect and natural 24K Gold, 18K Rose Gold, .999 silver & Platinum dipped roses. So be it a gift for him or a gift for her; an occasion big or small; these flawless 24K gold roses are bound to get abundant appreciation and leave a lasting impact; an impact just as everlasting as are our Everlasting Roses. Our everlasting roses come in a variety of colours and are beautifully presented in a gift box. Romantic Valentine Gifts - Buy Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts Online from Everlastingroses.com. These Everlasting Roses are ideal gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, christenings, corporate events, or indeed many other occasions.