Roses as the perfect gift
Roses have been considered a symbol of love and true feelings since time immemorial. It is considered that gifting a rose to someone is a true expression of their feelings. Despite being such precious gifts, natural roses have a limited life. We, at The Everlasting Roses, believe that the beauty of the rose should not be bound to a few days but last forever.
What we do

True to our name- The Everlasting Roses, we strive to immortalize the beauty of the rose. We preserve roses in gold, silver, platinum and rose gold by electroplating them in either 24K gold, 18K rose gold, .999 silver or platinum. Our roses in radiant golden, classic silver or majestic platinum colour are sure to enchant you with their eternal beauty and delicate features.

Only real and natural roses go through our elaborate yet delicate process of coating them with metals that are as precious as your loved ones. We grow our roses naturally with complete care until they bloom. These roses are then harvested and only the best roses are selected for the next steps. During the next steps, each rose in manually handpicked, sized, shaped, coated and electroplated to make sure that the intricate details of each rose remain intact. After a series of manual steps, our roses get the strength to withstand routine handling. The final steps include electroplating the roses with the metal of your choice (24K gold/ 18K rose gold/ .999 silver or platinum) to make them eternal reflections of your feelings.

The final product

Our final products are the result of extremely skilled craftsmanship and technical expertise. The surface of the electroplated roses has a smooth mirror finish and impressive metallic luster. The metallic coating is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. These roses display their natural texture and are sturdy enough to withstand routine handling. Depending on your preferences regarding colour and finish, we provide roses in hues of golden, silver, rose gold and platinum.

Our quality promise

Our strict quality control measures make sure that only the best rose blooms are selected and the finished product retains all the features of the rose. We assure you the finest quality of electroplated natural roses in 24K gold, 18K rose gold, silver and platinum, for the best price. We manually inspect each rose during the coating process to ensure that every piece that comes to you is flawless.

Make an everlasting impression with The Everlasting Roses

The precious metals that are carefully coated on to each rose are a mark of your precious feelings, which we always strive to honor. Our electroplated roses make the finest and most impressive gifts. Express your true feelings with electroplated roses from The Everlasting Roses, and make a memorable impression in the heart of your loved ones.